Join Wyoming CLASS

Who is eligible to join Wyoming CLASS?

Participation in Wyoming CLASS is available to the state of Wyoming, any county, city, town, school district, community college district, hospital district, special district or other political subdivision of the State, or department, agency or instrumentality thereof, or any political or public corporation of the state of Wyoming.

How to Join Wyoming CLASS:

Enrolling in Wyoming CLASS is simple. After reading the Indenture of Trust and Information StatementWyoming CLASS Information Statement follow these steps:

  1. Pass a resolution approving the Wyoming CLASS Indenture of Trust (a model resolution is included in the registration packet for your convenience).
  2. Complete the Wyoming CLASS Registration Packet.
  3. Submit items 1 & 2 to the Wyoming CLASS Client Service Team for processing at
  4. Upon review and approval, you will receive confirmation that you have been accepted as a Wyoming CLASS Participant.


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